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Reading Sessions: How They Work

We get lots of questions about our reading sessions so we decided to create this page to answer those questions.

What is a Reading Session?

Our system is based on the premise that every reader will do their best to participate in 10 reading sessions. Readers can read any books or materials of their choosing. We do not require any specific books or reading lists. Reading sessions can be held in groups or classes where lots of readers read at the same time or a reader can choose to read alone at home.

A reading session is logged by starting the reading session timer on our site. A teacher, admin or reader simply clicks on the start a reading session link and starting the timer. When the timer expires the reader gets credit for the session.

How Long are Reading Sessions

Teachers or readers are given three choices when they get to their timers to start reading sessions. They can choose 10, 20 or 30 minute sessions. The length of the session does not affect anything as far as the fundraising portion of the fundraiser. Remember the premise of the system is that each reader will do their best to complete 10 sessions. You determine the length of your own reading sessions.

Our hope is that you will choose an appropriate amount of time so that your readers know that you are specifically focusing on reading during your read-a-thon. But we don't want the length of the session to overburden anyone.

What Happens If We Don't Complete 10 Sessions?

This is probably the most common question about reading sessions. So let me say quickly that reading sessions are a means towards an end and not an end in and of itself. In other words if a reader does not complete 10 sessions it will not have any bearing on your fundraising efforts.

The premise of the fundraiser is that every reader will do their best to complete 10 sessions. Readers request sponsorship based on their good faith intention to complete all 10 sessions. Sponsors are asked to make their donation when they are told about the fundraiser so they are not pledging based on the actual completion of all sessions only on the intent to complete them. In other words we will not refund a portion of a reader's donations if they complete fewer sessions.

Do You Track Reading Sessions?

Yes we keep track of reading sessions on the reader level until they complete 10 sessions. If a reader chooses to continue holding reading sessions beyond the suggested 10 we will no longer add those sessions to their total. We stop counting at 10 since we are not asking people to pledge per session.

Can our Readers Read at Home and School?

Yes you can hold some reading sessions in class and ask readers to complete other sessions at home. The only re quirement is that the session timer is started to monitor the session. That is the only way a reader gets credit for the reading session in our system.

So the bottom line is that our reading sessions are extremely flexible. If you have any other questions abour our reading sessions please click on the Blue Contact button and we will respond as quickly as possible.


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