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Read-a-thon: Take a Quick Tour

We are so excited to introduce you to our Read-a-thon System because we believe it is the absolute best fundraiser for groups with children from the 6th grade all the way down to daycare age.

We invite you to take a few moments to tour some of the pages that are only available inside our Read-a-thon program. Click on the button below to take a quick tour that includes screen shots of the main pages used to manage your fundraiser.

Administrator Dashboard

The Admin Dashboard page is where the principal, PTA/PTO representative or fundraising administrator will see a real time overview of their read-a-thon activity and results.

The problem with most brochure fundraisers is the lack of information available to the people running the fundraiser. If your group is selling cookie dough or seasonal gifts you send brochures home and more or less hope for the best when it's time to turn in orders.

Unlike other fundraisers we give real time data so you can actively manage your fundraiser on a daily basis. We believe our well managed fundraiser will outperform any typical brochure sale.

Teacher or Group Dashboard

Our Teacher or Group Leader page provides complete visibility into the performance broken down to the reader level. We then give you tools to communicate and motivate your readers to get the most sponsors possible.

You will know which readers have no sponsors You will see which readers have started getting sponsors and you will see the readers that have gotten many sponsors. We provide tools to motivate each reader based on their current status. These tools should help get as many people participating as possible as well as maximizing the number of sponsors each reader gets.

Class Page

Check out our Class Page. It was designed so teachers with electronic Smart Boards could project their class page on their screens during their reading sessions. Readers will see their individual avatars. Attendence is taken and the reading session timer is seen by the entire class.

This page was especially designed for groups that hold in class reading sessions.

Donation Page

You can view a sample donation page. This is the page your readers will ask sponsors to visit. This is the page we will use the photo we ask each reader to upload. It is important for sponsors to see the face of the reader asking for support. You can see our easy to follow donation instructions here as well.

Readers Page

Finally look at our Reader Page. This is the page where we help readers get the most sponsors possible. We walk each reader through a series of suggestions to help them reach as many sponsors as possible through print, email and social media tools. No other fundraiser helps participants reach as many sponsors as we do.

So take a moment and take our tour. Hopefully at the end of the tour you will be convinced that this is the fundraiser you've been looking for!