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Readathon Prizes

We want you to maximize the amount of money you raise with a read-a-thon so we offer a Prize Center for every single reader in your group. Click here to view a sample prize store.

How Do Readers Earn Prizes?

We sure hope every one of your readers loves to read and finds the satisfaction of completing 10 reading sessions enough motivation to not only read but to get the most potential sponsors possible. But in the real world we all live in that is not usually the case. It's possible. Just not likely.

More likely is that your readers will be willing to read and probably willing to tell their parents about their read-a-thon but that's about it.

So we have created an incentive program where readers earn RAT Bucks that they use to purchase prizes when your read-a-thon is complete. There are lots of ways they can earn RAT Bucks and we will explain that below.

Our hope is that your readers will find prizes they want in our prize center and will do everything they can to earn enough RAT Bucks to get those prizes. We are constantly updating our prize selection. We try to add hot new items readers will want while at the same time we drop prizes we see little demand for.

Readers that get a single sponsor earn enough bucks to get a prize. Aggressive readers that really work at getting as many sponsors as possible can earn prizes like portable DVD players or remote controlled helicopters or neon message boards. There are fun toys, cool games and lots of things kids will want to own in the prize center.

How Our Incentives Work

We created our own currency called RAT Bucks. Readers earn RAT Bucks for getting sponsors and for meeting goals. How does that work?

We have a progressive system that essentially pays readers for each sponsor they get. They earn 100 RAT Bucks for each of their first 4 sponsors. Once they've gotten 5 sponsors the value of each additional sponsor gets higher and higher until a sponsor is worth 500 RAT Bucks each.

We also give bonus RAT Bucks for simply completing personal reader pages within 24 hours of viewing a kick off video. And we give bonuses after a reader gets their 5th sponsor and a larger bonus when they get their 10 sponsor.

In fact we are constantly looking for new incentives to increase both reader participation and the number of sponsors each reader gets.

Prizes Increase Participation

In order to raise as much money as possible your group wants the highest participation levels possible. We want to help raise participation levels by making it easy to earn a prize with very little effort. You will find a lot of fun prizes that can be earned by readers who get only one sponsor.

Our system was designed to help your readers earn the most prizes possible by helping them get the most sponsors. We offer intuitive tools that help identify who they should contact as a likely sponsor and give them print, email and social media tools to reach out to those contacts.

Hopefully you have already browsed around our site and found our fundraising calculator. We invite you to play around with that tool so you can see how much money your group can raise with a Read-a-thon. The calculator will ask how many sponsors you think each of your readers can find. We you suggest you experiment with different numbers so you can see how impactful an additional sponsor per reader can be. That's the reason we offer read-a-thon prizes for every group that starts an event with us.

Remember there is no additional cost for your prize centers. They are offered to help you raise the most money possible.

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* RAT charges a 25% fee on donations to cover credit card costs, prize centers, etc.